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We are an international community determined to eradicate human and environmental exploitation in the textile industry. Over 20 million people worldwide work in slavery conditions in the textile sector and this industry is the second largest polluter, second only to oil. We need made-to-last clothing manufactured under right working conditions.

Our mission:
To boost the social change urgently needed in the textil industry through innovative, sustainable and collaborative initiatives so that citizens can have real shopping alternatives.

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At Dressfy we are constantly looking for solutions to end the current slavery situation suffered by million of people all over the world, through innovative, collaborative and transparent shopping alternatives, produced as more locally as possible, that make possible to stop supporting human slavery and that assure wealth reaches the 99%. Get involved by participating in our events!

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Did you know that most multinational garment companies pay factory workers less than $1 or $2 a day for a 12-16 hours work day? Did you know that it takes 2700 litres of water to make just 1 t-shirt, which is the amount of water drunk by 1 person in 3 years? Get informed about ethics and sustainability in the garment industry to shop responsibly. "The State of the Apparel Sector 2015 - Water" Report


At Dressfy we launched the "1 follower = $1 donated" campaign. During weeks we gathered $1 in the name of every one of you that started to follow us on Facebook. This week we made the donation to the James127 Foundation (which is empowering women through vocational training). Of course, even if the campaign is over you can keep supporting us by following us on Facebook and inviting your friends

If you are either a member of the Dressfy Community that would like to collaborate with us, or a celebrity or a media interested in spreading our work, please do not hesitate to drop us a line at

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